Gorge Crest Vineyards Wines
Chardonnay: From our neighboring Celilo Vineyard 1000 feet above the Columbia River, comes this pure expression of cool climate Chardonnay. Crisp with fine structure, this barrel fermented Chardonnay has great body without compromising its aromas or fruit character. This is not a buttery oaked Chardonnay, but a clean, pure wine that goes great with cheese, pastas, chicken and fish. The acids and structure also work very well with creamy or flavorful dishes.

Pinot Gris: Made from Organic grapes hand-picked at our own Acadia Vineyards, the 2010 vintage is pretty, light and focused. Its bright green apple flavors with high acids and a long finish make it perfect for sipping with cheese in our vineyard or with a nice light summer meal.

Gewurztraminer: From the Underwood hills high over the Columbia River, this Alsatian-style Gewurztraminer is dry with a soft, lingering finish. Its bright structure makes it extremely food friendly. It goes great with not only German dishes, but also with Thai, Indian and Chinese flavors, as well as fish and spicy pastas.

Riesling: Reminiscent of the classic Alsatian wines that made Riesling the “King of Grapes”. Extremely structured, with bold pear overtones, this wine will complement traditional French dishes, Salmon drizzled with a buerre blanc sauce, and chocolate desserts.

Pinot Gris Rose: Close your eyes and take a sip of our 2009 Pinot Gris Rose’. Can you hear the waves crashing on the beach in front of your table on the Cote d`Azur or St. Barts? Can you feel the warm sun under Cerulean blue skies? Can you taste the fresh tuna carpaccio, thinly sliced with just a squeeze of lemon? Now savor the perfectly balanced glass of wine in your hand while you try to figure out how a Rose’ can have such an elegant flavor without being too sweet or too dry. Ah…heaven. Made with Organic grapes from our own Acadia Vineyards.

Red Sky Blend: Our Red Sky blend, made of 46.5% Zinfandel, 40% Merlot, 9% Syrah and 4.5% Sangiovese. The wine has lush, bright fruit combined with just enough acid to provide structure and balance. Flavors include dark raspberry and cassis, with a bit of earthy cedar for depth. This wine goes best with bold flavors like steak au poivre, zesty lasagna, or pizza topped with everything you want.

Pinot Noir: Complex and balanced, with a long, lingering finish, this is not a thin, bitter Pinot Noir, but a lush, medium-bodied wine that will pair well with almost any food, from flavorful seafood to bold meats. Made from grapes from our own organic Acadia Vineyards as well as select neighboring vineyards on Underwood Mountain, our 2009 Pinot Noir has the rich fruit flavors of a Burgundy paired with a sleek minerality, which reflects our cool climate and long growing season.

Cabernet Sauvignon: This is a true reflection of traditional Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine was aged in barrels for over two years, making it nicely complex and yet still silky smooth, with perfect Cabernet flavors. Drink alone or pair with any red meats, hearty Italian dishes, or meals with rich flavors.

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