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Gorge Crest Winery bottled its first wines during the fall of 2007. The winery focuses its energies on producing limited quantities of premium “handcrafted” wines from the Columbia Gorge region. All grapes are de-stemmed, crushed and pressed by hand to eliminate stem and skin bitterness caused by high pressure hydraulic equipment.


The Gorge Crest fermentation and aging process employs a traditional gravity based siphon system that has been used for centuries by many of the world’s most exclusive wineries. We hand siphon the clean juice off the top of the tanks during fermentation so transfer can take place without disturbing sediment as is often the case with large scale commercial pumping equipment. Gorge Crest uses imported Italian stainless steel fermenting tanks produced by Marchisi. Wines are then aged and racked in hand made barrels of French and American Oak.

Gorge Crest’s “Premium Handcrafted Estate Wines” are a connoisseurs’ delight. The winery maintains its quality standards by producing limited runs of each vintage.